The Telangana Residential Schools Inter-Society Sports League 2018 was inaugurated at Gachibowli Stadium here on Wednesday.

Deputy Chief Minister and Education Minister Kadiam Srihari who inaugurated the event said if opportunities were provided to students hailing from economically poor background, they can compete with the best. He said inter-society league was being conducted for the last three years and it has built good relations among students of various residential educational institutions societies.

Highlights of Whatsscore @ 4th Inter Society Sports League 2018-19

What’s Score for the first time is supporting “ 4th Inter Society Sports League”  with its sports Scoring App.

In this wonderful occasion 3500 students are participating from different schools and Societies in various activities. MJP Society has also pioneered the innovative approach of digitising of the league records in collaboration with What’s Score, a digital sports platform.

We create innovative and exciting ways to engage and inspire all children to build sportive spirit and make their career through sports and games.

It is difficult to believe that what was once dreamt i.e., overall development of children along with education is being fulfilled now and that’s obviously true. We are shaping the world by our residential schools.