top 10 things successful tournament

Hey, are you getting ready to organize your next tournament? So what makes a tournament a successful and memorable one for your participants. Here is a checklist of top 10 things that you as an organizer need to ensure to make your tournament a success and for your participants to come back again for more!

  1. Seamless registration process: Your participants like to have a simple registration experience, where they can quickly share their important details such as Full Name, Category(ies), Contact details, and also pay their entry fees (if required) and receive an email confirmation instantly
  2. Reporting Time and Venue confirmation:  Participants like to receive clear instructions on their reporting time and the GPS location where they need to report, at least 24 hours prior to the event. Any delay and suspense on the same will surely add to their anxiety and frustration
  3. Draws or fixtures:  As a tournament organizer you need to publish the seedings of your top players and also publish the draws or fixtures for the event. Be it a round-robin or knockout or heats or any other format, your participants need to know where they are placed in the overall format.
  4. Clear rules and regulations:  Did you publish a comprehensive list of rules and regulations of the tournament. Will the matches be for best of 3 games or will they be played for 12 mins? What is the date of birth cut-off to consider for a certain age category? What is the code of conduct for the players and what acceptable or not as an organizer, and so on.
  5. Predictable match scheduling:   Players need to know when is their next match and on which court, so that they can plan accordingly , such as do they have enough time to eat a snack before the match. Do they need to travel to get to the venue of the match, etc..? Are the matches actually starting and finishing on schedule?
  6. Professional referees or umpires:                                                          What qualifications or experience do the referees or umpires hold? Will they be able to make impartial decisions and ensure fair play throughout the tournament? Do the referees and organizers support each other and work together as a team?
  7. Tournament standard facilities:  As competitive players, your participants are expecting best quality sporting infrastructure. Does your tournament venue offer quality surface (flooring), clear marking lines, ample playing area, clean restrooms, seating and storage facilities, transport and food arrangements?
  8. Live scores and updates:  Players are not only expecting notifications for their upcoming matches but also want to follow the general proceedings of the tournament. Can they have access to live streaming with live scores? Who will they play against if they win this match etc.
  9. Player performance statistics: Participants love to see how they have fared overall in your tournament. Could you give them a summary of their performance like how many matches played, won, lost, points gained, etc.. which would help them and their coaches to analyze and plan their next course of action.
  10. Cash prizes, trophies and goodies:                                                         Last but not the least, did the players get their expected prize money? Were the medals or trophies given of excellent quality? Were there any additional goodies that the organizers or sponsors gave to the players? Did the players get their due recognition for their effort through coverage in local media, or social media?

If you follow the above checklist for your next tournament, your efforts will go a long way and make your tournament a grand success!

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