increase footfalls to your sports facility

Increase Footfalls to your Sports Facility

A driving force for many entrepreneurs who open sports facilities is a passion for sport and activity. And this is wonderful, as every business needs passion and dedication. However, it’s only a starting point. More concrete efforts are needed to get people through the gates. Following are specific things every owner or manager can do to increase footfalls to your sports facility

Hold an open house

Going to a sports facility can be intimidating and confusing sometimes, if you don’t know how the facility operates. By holding an open house you are giving potential players the opportunity to familiarize themselves with your facility in a casual, informal way.

The best way to advertise your open house is to post about it on social media. According to a research, 74% of all internet users are on social media. This is a huge audience that you need to reach out. By posting about your open house on social media you will generate excitement and raise footfalls at the open house event.

Host special events

At your open house, tell people about any special events you may be hosting. Whether it is a football or foosball Tournament, or any other event, special events are exciting for spectators and participants. Being there at the event would be an effective way for a new customer to become integrated into the sports facility’s culture and atmosphere.

Make sure that people who did not attend your open house know about special events as well. Again, post on social media to generate excitement. For clients at your facility, you likely have contact information from them. You can do this via email, SMS, or any other communication tool your client prefers.

Think Seasonal & Plan

There are going to be months where it’s easy to sell out all the available hours of your sports complex. But what about the rest of the year?  especially during the lean season or festive seasons. Plan to make a full calendar of events and publish well in advance according to the seasons.

Promote “bring-a-friend” promotions

Chances are that your current clients have friends that do not use your sports facility. Plan to get those people into your facility by offering current clients a special promotion that allows them to bring a friend in for free. Offering special benefits to a first time user is a great way to get them in the door. But, don’t forget to reward your current client, too.

The best way to advertise promotions for current clients is through your newsletter/SMS. By putting this offer in your newsletter you limit the people who receive it to those who already have a membership with you.